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MOVET Philosophie


We accompany you through all planning steps

You build special machines and you are missing the right component? Your ideas are unusual? We are your experts on the subject of automation and transport of goods. Together we will find a solution that works - whether for special machine construction, OEM or industrial customers. And if something is not feasible, we will say so.

As one of the pioneers of the still young modular belt technology, Hans Schüßler founded the company HADI GmbH Industrievertretungen in 1995. You can read the founding story here. In 2000, the brand name MOVET (Latin=it moves) was created. The brand name was intended to emphasise that in all planning phases the customer is accompanied in moving his products.

Benefit from our many years of experience

We are happy to pass on the experience and know-how we have gained over 30 years. We advise you on the phone and on site: practically oriented, to the point and comprehensible.

Longstanding customer relationships

We do not aggressively seek short-term profit. We want to work with our clients for the long term. The better we know you, the more effectively we can support you.

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