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Payment & shipping

Here you will find all information about the shipping and payment conditions in our shop.


Minimum order value    Shipping costs   Bulk items surcharge   Payment methods


Minimum order value and minimum quantity surcharge


The minimum order value for orders in our shop is 25 €.
For orders below the minimum order value we charge a minimum quantity surcharge of 15 €.


Shipping costs & delivery times


Our shipping partner is GLS. Please find a detailed list of the shipping costs and delivery times per country below.

Items that are in stock will be shipped on the same working day. The delivery time is depending on the country.

Shipping costs and delivery times to countries:

CountryShipping costs*Delivery time**
Belgium 12.90 EUR 2
Bulgaria 48.90 EUR 3-4
Denmark 14.90 EUR 2
Germany Under 500 EUR order value: 9,80 EUR
Over 500 EUR order value: free shipping
Estonia 22.90 EUR 3-4
Finland 31.90 EUR 3-5
France 17.90 EUR 2-3
Greece 81.90 EUR 4-7
Ireland 31.90 EUR 3
Island 160.90 EUR 3-4
Italy 29.90 EUR 2-4
Croatia 133.90 EUR 4-6
Latvia 22.90 EUR 3-4
Liechtenstein 39.90 EUR 2
Lithuania 22.90 EUR 3
Luxembourg 12.90 EUR 1
Malta 159,90 EUR 3
Netherlands 12.90 EUR 2
Norway 51.90 EUR 2-6
Österreich 16.90 EUR 2
Poland 25.90 EUR 2
Portugal 30.90 EUR 3-4
Rumänia 30.90 EUR 2
Sweden 25.90 EUR 2-6
Switzerland 39.90 EUR 2
Slovakia 29.90 EUR 2
Slovenia 23.90 EUR 3
Spain 29.90 EUR 3
Czech Republic 18.90 EUR 2
Hungary 25.90 EUR 2
Cyprus 133,90 EUR 4


*Unless otherwise stated, shipping costs are independent of the price or quantity of the ordered items.
The applicable sales tax as well as packaging and customs clearance are included in the shipping costs.
If you are registered for VAT in a member state of the European Union and have received a VAT identification number from a member state of the European Union, you can state this and, subject to the applicable conditions for intra-Community deliveries, use it in our shop.

** Non-binding standard delivery time in working days (Mon-Fri). The standard delivery times may be subject to country-specific delays (e.g. customs treatment, border areas, islands).



Bulk items surcharge


Some of our products can only be shipped as bulky goods due to their size. For this we charge a bulky goods surcharge of 35 €.


Payment methods


For the payment of your order, you can choose between these payment methods:

PayPal Logo PayPal
Pay for your purchase easily and conveniently via PayPal. You don't have a PayPal account yet? Then you can register here.
PayPal Logo Invoice
Pay simply and conveniently by invoice. You will receive the goods immediately after ordering and can check them for completeness and intactness in order to pay the invoice afterwards.
PayPal Logo Prepayment
You will receive all payment information with the order confirmation. We deliver your goods directly after receipt of payment.



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