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MOVET Arbeitsklima


You are the ideal Hadi-ian if you


  • want to run a speedboat instead of being stuck in a gearbox of a big tanker.
  • want to react quickly to new situations without losing time through hierarchical levels.
  • want to work in a self-determined way without being told how to do things.
  • want to discuss with the management at eye level instead of fighting against walls.
  • want to know complete projects of the customers and want to find creative solutions with all parties involved.
  • want to work independently without being controlled.


Openly designed rooms to match the open atmosphere. If you are looking for a family company with a start-up feeling, MOVET is the right place for you. A varied daily routine is our routine. For us, working independently is part of the job. Employees have the opportunity to develop themselves in a variety of ways and expand their skills.

Working as a team is just as important to us. Together we achieve every goal. The short communication channels are helpful. Anyone with new ideas can also contact the management at any time. An open ear for employees is part of the company's philosophy.


We currently have no vacancies.


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